How To Create An ISO file

In this post we are going to create our own ISO file with any file contents we desire by using free, easy to use software.

First thing you’re going to need is a piece of software that can create ISO’s with designated files.

The one I am going to show you how to use is ‘ISOCreator’. It can be found here. Download and install by going through the wizard.

Open up the software –


To change where your new ISO is placed or the name of the ISO. Click ‘Browse’ next to ‘ISO File Path’ and go to the intended file location and input the name you require. As shown below:


Iso Browse

The Folder Path field is where you specify the contents of the ISO. Press ‘Browse’ and point it to the folder containing the contents you want in your ISO, then click ‘OK’.

ISOCreator Folder Path


Now Press ‘Start’ and go to the location you specified.

Congratulations you have created an ISO File!


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One thought on “How To Create An ISO file

  1. Completely USELESS if one wants to create a windows based BOOTABLE iso which should be in the majority of cases if dealing with win installation or win images. Any GUI prog that does not include the selection of “ ” for BIOS booting or “efisys.bin” for UEFI booting somewhere in their code will NEVER boot thus USELESS.


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