Backup SQL database in Server Management Studio

How to create a SQL database backup job in several simple clicks in Server Management Studio

First you’re going to need SQL Server Management Studio – click here to be taken to Microsoft download page.

Once installed open SSMS and connect to your SQL Server.

Expand ‘SQL Server Agent’ and then expand ‘Jobs’. Right click and select ‘New Job’

SQL Database backup


Type in the name of your SQL Agent Job, in this case I have chosen ‘Test Backup Job’

SQL Backup


Select ‘Steps’ in the left pane to create a backup job step, then press ‘New’


Give the Job step a name – in this case I have chosen ‘Backup Job Step’ and add your SQL backup script into the ‘Command:’ field.

In the example my database is called ‘DemoDB’ – change this to match yours.

-- Script to backup database
BACKUP DATABASE [YourSQLDatabaseNameHere] 
TO  DISK = N'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Backup\DemoDB.bak'


SQL Job Backup

Then Press ‘OK’ to create the job.

The newly created job will now be under the Jobs folder – to start the job simply right click on the job and click ‘Start Job at Step…’



SQL Job Progress

When the job finishes you will see both actions displaying a ‘Success’ status.

If you want to see the job results in the log viewer – right click the job again and click ‘View History’

Otherwise you can now browse to where you set the backup file path earlier and rejoice over the sight of your newly created SQL database backup.

Additionally if you need this to happen on a regular basis – you can go edit your job to execute on a schedule.

SQL Job Schedule

Hope this was helpful!


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