Automated Help Desk is the future

Will I lose my job to a robot or a sophisticated piece of software and how long will it take?

These are the type of questions we have seen popping up in the media for at least the past year or two and due to recent developments there is a good chance the traditional help desk technician role may be next.

Introducing IBM Watson: As stated on IBM’s website.

Watson Virtual Agent is a new way to provide automated services to your customers. It offers a cognitive, conversational self-service experience that can provide answers and take action. You can easily customize your Watson Virtual Agent to fit your specific business needs, provide custom content and match your business brand. Additionally, deep analytics provide insights on your customer’s engagement with the Watson Virtual Agent and help with the understanding of your constantly changing customer’s needs.

Not scared yet?

Users employed in companies who utilize IBM’s helpdesk, may end up talking solely to Watson when reporting a problem over the phone.

Unlike automated bots, you can talk to Watson about your issues like you’re talking to another person.

Watson learns with every interaction and with every feedback it receives and doesn’t receive.

It draws from everything it learns, so after some time, transferring you to its human co-workers might become less and less frequent.

Richard Esposito, IBM’s general manager for GTS Mobility Services stated:

Today, governments and enterprises need to provide an effective set of capabilities to their workforce, so that their employees can deliver a superior interaction and experience for their citizens and consumers. We need a system that can understand and communicate in a natural language conversation, one that solves problems and continues to learn while engaging with employees. Our Workplace Support Services with Watson delivers this value.”

However, there is hope! The more technical you become, the more valuable you are over your arch nemesis Watson.

If you’re looking to improve your skills and avoid the fate of Watson, check out my guide on what certifications and knowledge people should be focusing on to become professional system administrators. (Coming Soon)


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