Fix Exchange Server High CPU & Memory IIS

In this post we are going to look at one simple method of bringing down high CPU and Memory Usage on an Exchange server.

The steps highlighted below are best preformed when you can identify that a large portion of the servers available resources are being taken up by the IIS worker and node runner process. One of the main noticeable symptoms include a slow ECP console, and slow Outlook clients.

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot showing high limits – but the process shown in the below image IIS Worker Process – w3wp.exe may well be the process causing you trouble.


Identify the problem Worker Processes –

To fully confirm that your high resource allocation problems originate from your Exchange Servers IIS processes, preform the following –

First go to IIS Manager in Server Manager:

IIS Manager

Once open click on your Exchange server on the left pane and then click Worker Processes:

Worker Processess

As shown in the image below, this area of IIS Manager will provide you with clear information about how the servers worker processes are running. Most importantly including their individual CPU usage and how much logical and virtual memory is currently in use.

IIS Worker Processes

Recycle the problem Application Pools-

Now you have identified the offending Application Pool(s) – click on Application Pools on the left hand pane, and right click the Application pool(s) taking up your precious resources, followed by clicking Recycle.

Exchange Application Pools

Doing this will immediately recycle an unhealthy worker process instead of waiting for the next configured recycle, rather than abruptly stopping the worker process, which can cause service interruptions.

Recycling may take a minute or two to show results.

Set Recycling intervals-

Additionally, to avoid having to this manually every time your Exchange server get bogged down, you can right click the application pool and instead click Recycling…

It will open up this window, where you can setup regular recycling intervals or specific time(s)

Recycling ISS Application Pool

You can also manually recycle your Application Pools using PowerShell commands:

appcmd recycle apppool /

Hopefully this has been helpful –  A bogged down Exchange server can be a real headache for both the IT staff and the users.


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