Google’s plan to build Ad-Blocker features into their Popular Browser

According to sources familiar with the company’s plans, Google is planning to introduce an ad-blocking feature in the mobile and desktop versions of its Chrome web browser,

Google is reportedly still deciding whether or not to block individual ads or all advertising on any site that doesn’t meet its acceptability threshold.” However, why would a company making billions on advertising add add-blocking features to its own free product that would block advertising? Simply put, Google is becoming increasingly concerned with more people downloading ad-blockers that it has no control over.

The continued growth of ad-blocking is a worrying ever growing trend for Google, especially considering advertising  generated over $60 billion in revenue for Google in 2016.

Google has seen the reports that as many as 26% of desktop users have installed software aimed at hiding advertisements and it doesn’t want that number getting any larger.

Unacceptable ad types would be those recently defined by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that released a list of ad standards in March.

According to those standards, ads involving pop-ups, auto-playing video ads with sound and countdown ads are deemed to be “Beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability.”.

Google already pays to be part of an “Acceptable Ads” program offered by software company Eyeo GmbH, for example, which develops popular ad-blocking tool Adblock Plus.

If planned and implemented correctly, this may just benefit Google. A large amount of it’s online users may get a better experience and considering that most of the world’s major websites live and die based on ads this is an effort to save the financially driven web content as we know it.
Based on the sources information, the feature could be launched in a matter of weeks or cancel the project all together.


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