Using Windows Server as a Network Router for communication across two Subnets

In this post we are going to look at setting up RRAS on a Windows Server’s in VMware, to allow communication between two subnets for RDP Remote Desktop Connections.

First we need to setup the RRAS Virtual Machine in VMWare. It’s going to need two virtual network interface cards, one connecting to my Workplace LAN’s subnet and the other connecting to my Test LAN subnet. These two nics will act as the bridge between the subnets on our RRAS virtual router.

RRAS two subnets

Once you have your RRAS virtual machine setup – make sure it has it’s two virtual NICS added into the settings of the Virtual Machine.

VMware settings

Boot the server up and configure the adapters IPV4 settings so one is on our subnet and the other is on our subnet –

Virtual nics

IPV4 settingsIPV4 Settings Enternet

Time to install your RAS box – using Server Manager install the Remote Access role on your RRAS Server.

Windows Server add roles

Remote access role

Once installed – Open Routing and Remote Access, right click RAS and click Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access

RAS setup

Select Custom Configuration – then LAN Routing

Custom RAS config

RRAS Lan routing

RAS will now configure and the service will restart. Once it’s back up you should now see your RAS settings showing both your two virtual adapters and information concerning how many incoming and outgoing bytes have come in, routing tables etc.

RAS Lan routing General

RAS Routing table

RAS is now setup, nothing else is required on the RAS side of things.

Lastly for my setup – as shown in the diagram I also needed to setup a static route on my Workplace LAN router. The reason for this is based on the fact that my workstation in my Workplace LAN is connected directly to that router rather than my virtual RAS router.

So the aim here is to make it so any packets sourced by the workstation in my WorkPlace LAN  with a destination IP in my subnet, are routed to the NIC on my RAS box. Thus routing them into my subnet.

Router static route

Now to test –

Remote connection two subnets

Success! –
Your two subnets can now communicate to eachother and you should now be good to remote onto any of the machines across your two subnets.

If you get the Remote Desktop RDP error shown below – An internal error has occurred

RDP Remote desktop error

Make sure your firewall settings in both your External LAN and your Internal LAN are allowing outbound/inbound Remote desktop connections on port 3389, out to any subnets on the network.


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One thought on “Using Windows Server as a Network Router for communication across two Subnets

  1. Hi,
    I followed your article exactly to installed server 2016 on a standalone physical computer with 2 NICs, configured the “Lan routing” service, the service started normally. However the router seems doesn’t works. I can ping between two NICs (“ping -S” successful and “ping -S” also successful) but “ping -S” failed.
    If I configure NAT instead of “Lan routing”, I can successfully ping internet from
    In addition, “ping -S” without issue.
    Any suggestions are appreciated!
    Thank you.


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