Fix – The BackupExec Management Service was unable to start error – Windows Update.

In this small post we are going to look at how to resolve one of the reasons for BackupExec service startup errors.

Update 09/06/2017 – Information on this page is invalid as newer windows updates break the console again – Click here to go to Veritas support page on this issue. 

If you are experiencing console errors with Backup Exec 15, it might be worth checking to see if your backup server has recently installed Windows Update KB4014983.

In this case the error pop-up states –
The BackupExec database was offline. Please bring the database online and restart the BackupExec services.
Connection open and login was successful, but then an error occurred while enabling MARS for this connection.

BackupExec Unable to start

Upon an investigation and testing it seems that the Security and Quality Rollup (KB4014983) for the .NET Framework, and updates for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2: April 11, 2017, is causing the error message shown.

Uninstalling the update and hiding it from Windows Update resolves the problem at this moment in time.

How to hide an update –

In the list of available updates, right-click any update you want to hide, and choose Hide Update. If you later change your mind or if you just want to see a list of the updates you’ve hidden, on the main Windows Update page, click Restore Hidden Updates.



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