[Fix] ILO HP Error – Embedded Flash/SD-CARD: Embedded media manager failed initialization

In this post we are going to look at a ILO diagnostics error displaying problems with the internal USB/SDHC card on a server’s motherboard.

In my case the issue appeared after preforming an ILO firmware upgrade to a HP Proliant blade server.

The error in full was: (sorry about the lack of images)

Embedded Flash/SD-Card: Embedded media manager failed initialization

The way in which I tackled this error involved completely resetting the SD Card (NAND) using a XML script against the HP ILO configuration tool executable.

HP-Lights out configuration tool –

If you want to try the same process. Firstly you are going to need the HP-Lights out configuration tool found here:


You can install it on any device that has connectivity to the problem server. In my case I just installed it on the HP server displaying the error.

Creating the XML file –

Next you are going to want to create the XML file that’s going to initiate a wipe of your servers internal SD Card.

Simply open notepad, put in the contents below and save it in XML file format. So in my case I named it ResetNAND.xml

<LOGIN USER_LOGIN=”Administrator” PASSWORD=”Password“>
<RIB_INFO MODE=”write”>

**Make sure to change the LOGIN USER_LOGIN line to contain your ILO username and password.

Save the file to the location of the HP ILO utility-

C:\Program Files (x86)\HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility

HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility

Running the XML –

Now it’s time to run the XML. First open up CMD and navigate to the HP Lights-Outs Configuration Utility directory. Follow this up by typing in the following, making sure to change the IP , the username/password to match your environment and the filename if you called your XML something different.

C:\Program Files (x86)\HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility>HPQLOCFG.exe -s <ILO server IP> -f ResetNAND.xml -u Administrator -p password

If all goes well, the ILO should drop for a small period of time before coming back up and displaying no SD card issues.

Other XML Scripts –

The great thing about this process, aside from fixing the SDCard error; is it gets you used to the notion of running XML scripts to gather more information about your ILO’s health/logs/settings. The same process can be used on other XML scripts.

HP provide a big collection of useful XML scripts here –


Hope this has been helpful!


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