Windows Server –

Fix – The BackupExec Management Service was unable to start error – Windows Update Automatically Clear assigned KMS Host on multiple KMS Clients and enable Auto-discovery Backup SQL database in Server Management Studio
Fixing and Troubleshooting KMS Server Most Common Errors and Activation Problems Manually Activate Window’s Office / OS on Workgroup Computers through KMS Restore AD Active Directory User Account using LDAP
Using Windows Server as a Network Router for communication across two Subnets Export Event Viewer Alerts to CSV Add Network Driver to a Boot Image – boot.wim
DPM Fails To Restore From Tape

PowerShell –

Restore AD Objects and Users using PowerShell Useful Exchange PowerShell Commands – The Ultimate List. Automated Server Setup PowerShell Script
Remove and automatically Re-add Computers from the Domain using PowerShell scripts Run PowerShell Commands On Remote Computer Delete Local User Profiles Remotely using a PowerShell Script (DelProf2.exe)
How to Pass Credentials in PowerShell  Automate VM Failover on Hyper-V Replicated hosts – Domain & Workgroup Delete calendar meetings in a Mailbox using PowerShell – Exchange
 Clean up Active Directory using a PowerShell script e.g Name, UPN, SAM, Email

Exchange –

Fix Exchange Server High CPU & Memory Restoring a Mailbox or specific Mailbox data in Exchange Useful Exchange PowerShell Commands – The Ultimate List.

List of all folders and their size under an Exchange mailbox including both default and user created

 Delete calendar meetings in a Mailbox using PowerShell – Exchange

Tech News –

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